Alpha available

New build is available with many performance improvements, gameplay improvements and a few bugs fixed.


This new release took more time as expected. I have been refactoring almost the whole game to allow me to migrate to the latest version of Unreal Engine. In the end, after many issues and wasted time, I ended modifying the Unreal engine code. All the refactors improved the game performance, only in the gameplay thread, they are not related to render thread, so you should expect less use of CPU and RAM when you are running this build and performance improvements in many areas. The game is using the Unreal 4.22.3 version. 

Another cool thing on this release is the use of asynchronous thread for the first load of the game, you should expect reduced time to load the game, around 50% of the time used before.

And a new addition to the game is the autosave feature. It's set to 5 minutes by default, I will try to add an option in the settings so you could configure the time between autosaves. It's running on another thread so you don't have any lag or issue performance during the autosave process.


Code improvements:

  • Moved a lot of code from blueprints to C++.
  • Reduced dependencies between blueprints to reduce included code.
  • Reuse widgets to reduce footprint memory.
  • Moved interactive actions to C++ for better performance.
  • Improved load/save code.
  • Refactor Notifications, Achievements and GameStats into C++.
  • Improved performance on HUD.
  • Reduced 50% time needed for first load.
  • Improved performance on raycast for interactive objects.
  • Linux builds are provided as tar.gz files.
  • Migrated to Unreal Engine 4.22.3
  • Removed build number from build version.
  • Huge reduction of C++ code generated from blueprints (around 30%)
  • Big code refactor in this build: 180 code files have been created, modified or deleted.

Gameplay improvements:

  • Added proxies on home gardens.
  • Adjusted some dialog texts.
  • Force needing to start Matilda quest to complete it.
  • Added autosave.
  • Bells not playing if player sleeping.
  • Thomas avoids to go to watermill if open.
  • Cecily's home locked when bucket picked up.

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed issue with church not playing bells sometimes.
  • Fixed issue with Richard's quest not being able to repeat.
  • Fixed issue with dough items misspelled.
  • Fix issue with torch crashing.
  • Fixed issue with William stuck and not reaching the market.
  • Fixed issue with inventory being closed with tab when open with mouse.
  • Fixed issue with Gilbert resetting the communal farm.


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Donensbourgh Windows Alpha 728 MB
Jul 26, 2019
Donensbourgh Linux Alpha 711 MB
Jul 26, 2019
Donensbourgh Macintosh Alpha 779 MB
Jul 26, 2019

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