Alpha 0.1.2 available

New build is available with a few changes, improvements and bugfixes. The main change in this build is the introduction of weights on items. Each item has a weight and inventories are limited on weight instead of slots. Also, hands are not two extra slots anymore but part of the inventory so they count on the whole weight.


  • Inventories are based on weight instead of slots.
  • Hands are not anymore two extra slots but count on total weight of inventory.
  • You don't need to equip items on hands because are automatically equipped when needed.
  • Markets, craftings and workshops (like watermill, windmill, henhouse, ...) reflects all the items, doesn't matter if they are equipped in hands or not.
  • Improved character shaders performance and visuals.
  • When items are dropped, tools are dropped one by one, but seeds or coins are dropped as a whole slot.
  • Improved Gilbert hand animation.
  • Items removed from hands are put back in the inventory on top, to use them easier later.
  • All the chests in the game are limited by weight instead of slots.
  • Item's weight info is shown on encyclopaedia.
  • Added skep (beehive) to encyclopaedia with info on how to use them.


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Donensbourgh Windows Alpha 0.1.2 717 MB
Aug 14, 2019
Donensbourgh Linux Alpha 0.1.2 700 MB
Aug 14, 2019
Donensbourgh Macintosh Alpha 0.1.2 769 MB
Aug 14, 2019

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